Winning with 50%+1 vote will be difficult – Kaingu

MMD vice-president for politics Michael Kaingu says winning absolute majority in the 2016 general elections will be difficult for a single party once the 50 per cent plus one threshold is enshrined in the Constitution.

In an interview, Kaingu said each political party would have to find a partner party in order to win the elections.

“There will be no party that will win absolute majority so it is very important that as we move towards 2016, we start aligning ourselves as political parties,” he said.

Asked if both the UPND and MMD would field one candidate ahead of the 2016 general elections, Kaingu responded: “No! I did not say that. Not at the moment, we are comfortable with our leaders, both of us. MMD is comfortable with president Nevers Mumba and I know that HH is a good leader for UPND, so they are comfortable with him also. I am sure PF are comfortable with their president. 2016 though it may look to be near, is quite far and so many things can change.