Winner of K2.4 billion lotto says 10% to God, narrates her poor past

ELIZABETH Mubanga, 20, the lucky winner of the staggering K2.4 million Zambian Lotto, says she will give 10 percent [K240,000] of her riches to God.
“First of all, I will give 10 percent of it as tithe to the Lord,” she said. “I’m also going to go back to God’s Care community school and do something there.”
Like so many with a story of struggle, Elizabeth had wished her family’s troubles would just go away.
Her father, Mwape Mubanga, hustled to support his family on the streets of Katondo Edinburgh in Kitwe.
Life just seemed to take one bad turn after another for the Mubangas. Nothing changed and if anything dramatic happened, it was often negative. For a long while, the family seemed doomed to perpetual misery.
Elizabeth’s mother, Joyce Mubanga, tried to supplement her husband’s efforts in making ends meet for their nine children, but her “kantemba” business could never quite take off.