Why Lubinda is silent?

Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda

Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda

By Edmond Lifwekelo

Each day that passes seems more likely to be drawing closer to Given Lubinda’s expulsion from the ruling Patriotic Front.
But Lubinda has baffled many by his remaining quiet in the midst of serious accusations from party members about his disloyalty to the party.

Why is Given Lubinda so quiet in the midst of all this? Why can’t he answer back and defend himself?

There is more to this than what meets the ordinary eye. First and foremost Lubinda has acquired for himself immense property within the shortest period he has been Minister that even himself can’t explain his sudden wealth within this short period.

Lubinda has built himself mansions and a castle in the Libala South area which the authorities are aware of. Lubinda has more than 11 mansions in Libala South, including a Castle off Kasama road, and five mansions in Kamwala South and Chalala areas,,,where has Lubinda gotten this money to acquire all these properties all of a sudden?

It is this question that authorities are interested and which they have used to silence him. Lubinda has been threatened and blackmailed into silence..keep quiet or face a probe by the Joint Investigative Team and lose everything. Lubinda is a coward and he knows his properties were not genuinely obtained hence the silence.

Lubinda won’t re-contest the Kabwata seat on any party…he is scared to lose the wealthy which he dubiously obtained. This is a big lesson to all politicians…serve the masses and not your personal interests.

We have a lot of people who used to be principled but have finished themselves because of their selfish motives like Lubinda.

Lubinda should retire from the political scene because it is also common knowledge that there is nothing worth mentioning he has done for the people of Kabwata…the sympathy he is receiving is not because he is a hard-worker…but because people feel he has been unfairly treated by Wynter Kabimba. Lubinda is a spent force in Kabwata and he won’t be a factor in the looming bye election.