Why is M’membe defending himself on Frank Bwalya?

Cracks are emerging between State House and their propagandists, The Post Newspaper, following the decision by Fr. Frank Bwalya to leave the fold of the ruling party and join politics, according to Zambia Reports.
Fr. Bwalya last week announced he was joining the political arena following injustices being perpetrated by the ruling Patriotic Front whom he heavily supported in the 2011 general elections.
But State House has picked information that among Fr. Bwalya’s backers is Post newspaper owner Fred M’membe.
“M’membe is growing increasingly frustrated by the fact that he no longer has a grip on President Michael Sata and that his preferred successor to Sata, Wynter Kabimba, is not popular within the PF ranks and is not selling nationally,” the sources said.
“So he is looking for someone who can dismantle Sata and someone he can eventually control that is why The Post has not come out strongly against Fr. Bwalya.