What PF Must Do

By Chanoda Ngwira

It is interesting to note that Zambia’s political situation is getting hotter and hotter by the day, political players are busy getting at each other almost on a daily basis, we see excessive exchange of bitter words among these political leaders. The ruling family is busy answering back at the opposition family which in my opinion is the majority.

There is no doubt whatsoever that our political situation is not conducive right now, we see political parties quarrel everyday in and out, mainly the ruling PF is being attacked by almost all major opposition parties, and due to that, there are there to defend themselves as we witness through the media.

To me, this is not healthy at all, it is killing the spirit of oneness as a country regardless of the fact that democracy goes that way, this situation is indeed killing and hindering a number of developmental projects to benefit the poor Zambia in the rural districts of this nation and believe you me, if this continues, there will be more disaster as the adage goes WHEN TWO OR MORE ELEPHANTS FIGHT, IT IS THE GRASS THAT SUFFERS, though, EVEN WHEN TWO OR MORE ELEPHANTS MAKE LOVE, IT STILL IS THE GRASS THAT SUFFERS… Hence I implore the PF government to do the following.

1. ALLOW DIALOGUE… If the Republican President Mr Micheal Chilufya Sata can allow dialogue with the opposition on many burning issues which the opposition deem fit to be addressed, this issue of confrontation and vindictiveness will be an issue of the past, there will be harmony, peace and good interaction and believe you me, the PF government will find it easy to sail through the minds of the many Zambian that feel they are not being well heard. However, if dialogue is not there, there will be a continuity of hot and bitter exchange of words.

2. CONDEMN VIOLENCE AT ALL COST….. It is assumed that the pf government through their various wings are violent and that they do not want peace, in short, the PF government is viewed to be a party of thuggery behavior. Defending this allegation is no solution, the best thing to avoid it is to publicly condemn VIOLENCE and trust me, the assumption or norm that the Zambian populace has about this government in terms of violence will be dead and dead for good, PF must not condemn some acts of violence and leave some, they must condemn all kinds of violence whether it is allegedly done by them or otherwise.

3. ALLOW PEOPLE TO FREELY ASSOCIATE AND ASSEMBLE….. It is alleged that this government does not allow people or political parties to freely associate and interact, this is evidenced by the behavior of police officers who are sent not to keep peace but to destruct political meetings and rallies, this is really happening, especially when it comes to giving permits to political parties to freely and rightfully hold their meetings and rallies. A few examples are the cases of UPND and NAREP, several times the UPND has tried to hold rallies, but the police would never allow that and when they(UPND) try to contest it in court which goes to their favour, the police still defies the court order, this is not good at all and the earlier the PF introspects itself, the better.

4. ADDRESS THE NATION THROUGH THE PRESIDENT…. It has been a loud cry by the opposition and indeed NGOs and the general public that the President must address the nation on various issues through the media, in my opinion, this will clear the many doubts and questions that the Zambian people have about the governance system in the country. There is no harm to address the nation by the people that govern us, it is a great tool to use to win people’s trust. Why can’t the President have an interaction programme with the people? Please Sir, hear the people’s cry, it is for your own good.

Finally, i want to salute the republican President and i still believe he can deliver on his promises, he is known for action, determination and indeed political and public service experience. Don’t listen to selfish people, we want you our President to leave behind a good and admirable legacy, act as we know you.