What is wrong with President Sata?


LwanziBy Lwanzi Milimo

Last week presented a lot of seriously surprises but the major one is that of President Michael Sata parading himself to the Southern Province Chiefs and threaten them with no development if they didn’t behave like Chiefs in Kapiri who threatened to chase subjects that would have voted for the opposition in the by election.

It’s so shocking that a republican president can utter such dictatorial threats to his citizens. Does he know how much Southern Province contributes to the economy of the country? The man’s hatred for Southerners is coming out very clearly.

Firstly he made attempts to amputate Chirundu and Itezhe Tezhe from the Province because of their economic contributions which he feels does not deserve the Southerners. Now he goes to the same province and threatens them with no development if they don’t vote for PF cadres in name of Members of Parliament. What kind of thinking and hatred is this?

In this is 21 century, you blackmail your own citizen like that? Not even renowned Dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is on record for such kind of threats and careless talk.

Let’s be realistic and track your 19 months in power:

You have budgeted for 30 by-elections in a bid to wipe out opposition in your first term. And so far in all the areas that have given you MPs you failed to honor as your per custom, because you are a renown liar. A man who can’t keep his own words.

In Chongwe, you managed to create a by election for Sylvia Masebo’s sake, and during your campaigns whilst reading your fake promises on a palm size piece of paper you said: “Chongwe rural is not too far from Lusaka why doesn’t it have electricity! I’m going to bring electricity here if you vote for Masebo.”

How many months today and Chongwe remains the same if not starving as well like other areas.

In Mufumbwe, North Western Province you lied to the people as usual and they gave you votes, two months later farmers could not be paid of their dues and later the entire province starving, mealie meal prices escalated to perplexing and unexpected levels, yet during campaigns you took maize their.

In Mpongwe, during campaigns you took maize there and lied that development will come though the people rejected PF, you managed to rig the elections and its months now we cannot see any development apart from people starving of which you are aware of because you said they feed on caterpillars.

In Livingstone, one thing you must know is that people are bitter only that your Political Secretary Brian Hapunda can’t tell you the truth in fear of losing his job.

Your actions and your type of leadership stinks to the area. You manipulated elections promised to develop the area but up to now you are failing to prepare extensively for the UNWTO even when the money is not yours to develop the area.

Two days ago your Minister failed to give a comprehensive update of the preparations in Livingstone as a co-host city. Meanwhile, neighbouring Zimbabwe is finalising, no wonder a Zimbabwean Permanent Secretary said the Zambian government changes Ministers and officials like underpants.

Its true because just in the same area you have changed four Permanent Secretaries and five Ministers. And then you brag about voting for your incompetent cadres as Members of Parliament. No, Southern Province is above board and the only hope for Zambian democracy.

All you have developed is one province Muchinga where 80% of the national treasures are taken to that province and by end of your term be sure it will be Muchinga to give you votes. Why then should other areas continue to give you MPs when you are deceiving them.

Its an insult of great magnitude to the people of Zambia for anyone to suggest that development could only be delivered if you belonged to the ruling party, this is why I always say PF is satanic regime.

President Sata should realize that the PF was quickly losing grip on the Zambian political scene because of its record of poor governance and its one party state structure of governance.

Opposition should also unite and organise country wide demonstrations to stop Sata from developing one province and put an end to these costly by elections aimed at bringing one party state. Which PF itself can not even manage because of their corrupt tendencies that grip the party.

Mr Sata you can as well resign on natural ground of failing to be a reasonable president.

Disclaimer: Views in this article are that of the author and do not in anyway reflect the views of Zambian Eye.