We’re still studying London judgment – Kabimba

JUSTICE minister Wynter Kabimba says the 2007 London High Court judgment against late president Frederick Chiluba is not a dead issue.

Reacting to veteran politician Simon Zukas’ call on the government to revisit the matter and have it registered locally, Kabimba said the government was still studying the matter.

“We made a statement some time back that we are still studying it; even now we are studying the matter. But it is certainly not a dead issue,” said Kabimba yesterday.

And Attorney General Mumba Malila said his office was ready to revisit the matter if instructed by the government to do so.

“As Attorney General I work under instructions and my client is the government. So, if the government has not instructed me to take any further action on it I will obviously keep quiet; I’ll wait for instructions from the government. I will act according to the instructions of the government,” said Malila.