Wealth Watch – Asset Protection Series

José Santiago Worldwide Asset Protection Specialist

José Santiago
Worldwide Asset Protection Specialist

By José Santiago

Part 1

Did you know that people who protect themselves and their assets live on average 10 years longer, are happier and are more successful? Read on to know why…..

Answers you must have ready for your children and spouse.

“José, is a guy who managed to widen my perspective, with detail orientation and great commitment has transformed my way of working and added value throughout.”  Abdulla Bin Touq – Director of Infrastructure & Environmental Affairs Prime Minister’s Office – UAE

Hello! Welcome to Wealth Watch – Asset Protection series.  Here we are passionate about helping you achieve your main goal, protecting your assets, to fulfill your dreams and desire as well as creating a legacy to your loved ones.

It is obvious that you might know a lot about asset protection however as professionals we might have couple of further ideas to help you achieve what you want to achieve within your parameters, in the time frame you set and more importantly with you at every step of the way. It is important to note that whatever system you adopt it must be flexible enough for worldwide use with little or no adjustments required. Read on

Why should you protect your assets? One of the reasons is if you do not take care of that side of you is like building a house and forgetting to have strong and protected foundations.

It may not matter much how beautiful the decorations are, all the expensive furniture, all sentimental value built in because without foundations or not cared for foundations the beautiful building will not sustain and crumble.

For example, what consequences loss of health would have in your family? How prepared are you to deal with the emotional as well as financial side of it?

You might have been in contact with many people who say they do what we do, so the question you are asking is: are we the best one out there? Are we worldwide renowned specialists in our field?

For this we simply say if you believe in what we believe in and if you have the same values we have and if you have the same ethics we have then we are definitely the best. However, if you believe in different things to us, if your ethics are different or if you have different values to ours then we might not be the best one. For us, they talk we deliver.

The other main reason why your assets should be protected is because a loss in existing assets may mean you become unable to acquire further assets. Re-starting is harder than preserving. Prevention is better than cure.

Tell us your take on it. What is your opinion? Why would you think about asset protection? Good thing or bad?

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