We will write to the Chief Justice to request the constitution of a medical board to examine Sata’s mental state, UPND

Zambia's President Michael Sata

Zambia’s President Michael Sata

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has announced that it  intends to write to the Chief Justice to request that a medical board be constituted to examine the mental state of President Michael Sata.

UPND Presidential adviser Douglas Siakalima said at a Media Briefing at the Party Secretariat in Lusaka TODAY February 22 2013 that his party believed that President Sata’s recent behavior and statements raised questions about his current state of mind.

Siakalima said the UPND was concerned that the Head of State might issue some more statements that might cause chaos in the country hence the need for an independent medical board to examine the him.

“As a party we are just trying to be responsible, patriotic and concerned about what is happening. We are worried just like everybody else about the President’s state of health.”

Siakalima said the UPND legal team will be invoking the constitutional provisions that empower citizens to petition the Chief Justice to set up a medical board to look into the state of the President’s mind.

He said he was a trained psychologist and he could tell you that President Sata has been showing signs that warrant a mental check up by an independent medical board as enshrined in our republican constitution.”

“It is enshrined in our Republican Constitution that a mental check up by an independent medical board can be done on a head of state if he shows signs that warrant that it be done on him,” Siakalima said.

He said the drafters of the constitution were not foolish to put in place such provisions in the constitution as they knew that one day, a man in State House might not be in stable mental health.