We were not thinking straight, hence wrong avenue, Fr. Bwalya tells Zambian Eye’s Hot Seat programme

Fr. Bwalya

Fr. Bwalya

Opposition Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Fr. Frank Bwalya has featured on Zambian Eye’s Hot Seat interactive live programme on Facebook Group.

And Fr. Bwalya has confirmed that his father was Tonga.

Fr. Bwalya who heavily campaigned for Patriotic Front (PF) and Michael Sata in the run up to 2011 polls told the over 21 000 Zambian Eye facebook members that Zambia was faced with a dice situation needing change of government.

Responding to Moderator Owen Miyanza, Fr. Bwalya said it was not an issues of believing whether PF was the best or not. He said the country was faced with an extraordinary situation and PF and MCS (Michael Chilufya Sata) had the numbers to deliver.

“Our political system is impotent and it brought us to a desperate situation which made us end up with a desperate avenue,” Fr. Bwalya said. “When you are drowning you get hold of anything and if it gives you the impression of floating you don’t let go.”

“The boat was a sign of life and hope in the deep waters of the situation that made us reject MMD. And I sincerely believe that the boat has done its part. We are now on the shore and we now need to think straight and prepare for good leadership under ordinary circumstances.”

On his parentage, Fr. Bwalya confirmed that his father was Tonga by Tribe as told by his mother.

As for the Pemba issue. Yes, my father was Tonga, so says the woman who carried me in her blessed womb. Whether he came from Pemba or not is a matter of interest. My mother was young. So maybe she thought all Tongas come from Pemba. Anyway, there (are) Tongas in Pemba. If I will stand as president in 2016, I will answer this question with the seriousness it deserves. For now it is okay to call me Habwalya or Mwanabwalya,” Fr. Bwalya said.

Asked by a member to comment as former ZESCO Board Chairman on whether he concealed the case not under investigation involving former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) ZESCO Pole supply contract, Fr. Bwalya said the matter needs much time but hinted that the matter has some political overtones.

Please invite me for another interview just about the GBM saga so that I can do justice to the issue. Not here because I don’t think time will allow let alone the need to focus on real issues,” he said. The GBM saga has political overtones that should be analyzed using political tools. I fear here today is not the right place.”

Fr. Bwalya also talked about his Priesthood and what he likes doing away from politics. The programme run from 9pm to about 11pm. The whole programme can be read by clicking on this link here.