We want by-elections to replace MPs in Monze Central, Bwengwa – Residents

Residents in Monze Central and Bwengwa constituencies of Monze district in Southern province have called for by-elections in the two constituencies to replace their current Members of Parliament.

Contributing to a Talk Show programme on Sky FM, September 23, 2013, residents of the two constituencies complained that they have been abandoned by their MPs Jack Mwiimbu and Haive Hamududu for Monze Central and Bwengwa constituencies respectively. The residents said there was no development taking place in the two constituencies and their MPs have abandoned them.

One caller said Mwiimbu has only had one meeting from the time he was elected MP.  The caller said Monze has remained undeveloped, the town has no Bus Station and places where Buses stop there are no toilet facilities.

Intercity buses stop at a private owned property where the residents complained that the fees for toilet are too high. A resident who identified himself as Habanyama said the people of Monze were being taken for grantage that they will vote for the same people because they hail from those constituencies.

Habanyama who sounded pissed off said if there is a way a by-election must be held to replace Mwiimbu whom he said was good in terms of debates in Parliament but out of touch with people in his constituency. He said Mwiimbu should have been visiting his people and agree with his people on how they can initiate some projects using the constituency fund.

Another caller said Hamududu has failed the people of Bwengwa. The Caller the MP does not visit the constituency and they were no developmental projects being undertaken accusing the MP of just enjoying in town.

He said people cannot continue suffering at the expense of keeping UPND MPs who desert their people immediately they are voted in. He said the fact that the UPND leader hails from Monze must not be a passport for MPs to desert their constituencies because people will always vote for the party.

Habanyama said recently UPND leader made various projects which he himself will ensure takes place in Kafulafuta on the Copperbelt where UPND has won their first seat. He said the same can happen in other constituencies even with the availability of the CDF.

During the 2011 adoption of MPs Mwiimbu faced a lot of resistance as he was not wanted by the people in the constituency. The UPND forced him on the people because of his legal assistance he lenders to the party.

This however resulted into having over 10 candidates from UPND opting to contest as Independent.

The two MPs could not be reached for their comment by press time.