We shall support you but stop poaching our MPs, MMD tells UPND

The opposition MMD has warned fellow opposition party, the UPND against poaching its Members of Parliament.
Reacting to statements from its Die Hard Youth Coordinator, Bowman Lusambo that the former ruling party will go with the ruling PF in the Solwezi East by elections, the Communications Director in the Office of the MMD President, Muhabi Lungu said it will not support the PF but warns the UPND against getting its MPs.
Lungu said the remarks by Lusambo could have been taken out of frustration after it emerged the UPND were targeting its members Dora Siliya and Maxwell Mwale to contest the elections after their seats in Petauke Central and Malambo constituencies both of Eastern Province were nullified by the Supreme court.
He said the UPND should not think the MMD is finished by getting its MPs but that it is merely going through a transformation phase.
Lungu believes the former ruling party still has chance of reviving itself.
He has also emphasized that the MMD will not support nor work with the PF in the coming by-elections.
Lusambo was recently quoted as saying the MMD will support the PF because their pact partners the UPND were frustrating them by poaching its members.