We shall give free fertilisers to farmers – UPND

United Party for National Development (UPND) has promised to give farmers free fertilisers for the first three years of its formation of government, reports Zambian Eye News Editor Thom Shonga.

Outlining UPND’s agricultural policy in a recent interview on the Zambian Eye Hot Seat facebook interactive program, UPND Director for Policy and Research Dr Choolwe Beyani said that his party intends to introduce free fertiliser for needy rural farmers according to acreage for the next three years of its formation of government.

“We intend to introduce a free fertiliser and seed pack for needy rural farmers according to acreage for the next three years and then phase out after we guarantee security of farmer,” outlined Dr Beyani.

He said that the policy will be backed by developing a country wide irrigation system that would guarantee harvest.

He said his party will improve livestock envelopment as well as that of tree and root crops. This meant that the UPND will promote the agricultural and industrial activities according to the potential of each of Zambia’s regional provinces.

Dr Beyani said that his party will ease the cost of farming by reintroducing agricultural and fuel subsidies. He further said that they would reduce the electricity tariffs.

He explained that the monies for subsidising the sector would come from a lean government that the UPND will create which would save millions of Kwacha from unproductive political appointments.

The interview was moderated by Zambian Eye Managing Director Owen Miyanza under the theme “100 first days of UPND government”.