We shall escort our leaders to Police stations and camp there if they are detained – Opposition

Some residents have spoken strongly and vowed to disobey the order by Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu not to accompany their leaders when they are summoned by the Police.
Contributing to a Talk Show programme on Sky FM Radio Monday morning, a Lusaka resident Royld Monga charged that the cadres will continue escorting their leaders. He said the cadres will even camp and sleep at Police stations in the event that their leader is detained.
“We are not going to follow laws that are not written,” Royld said. “There is no law that stops me from escorting my president to the Police station.”
Andrew Mukoma reports from Livingstone that opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) in Southern Province has defied Lungu’s directive to ban leaders of political parties and people appearing before police to go with their cadres to police stations.
And UPND in the province is concerned with the continued intimidation and oppression by the PF government through the Zambia Police.
UPND Provincial Secretary Winnerson Ng’uni says that the reason given by Home Affairs Minister Lungu over his unconstitutional statement to disallow opposition leaders summoned by police to go with their cadres was premature.
The UPND says that they would rather seek serious guidance from relevant authorities as to whether it is constitutional for Home Affairs Ministers Edgar Lungu to ban leaders of political parties appearing before police to go with their cadres.
Ng’uni says Lungu’s ban is not sustained because it has not passed through parliament for it to be law. He said that Lungu’s directive was not acceptable especially that his Justice Minister and PF secretary General Wynter Kabimba went to the Anti Corruption Commission with a gang of cadres.
He said it was unfortunate for Lungu to ban the trend when his senior cabinet minister Wynter Kabimba made it clear that his followers were entitled to know why he was summoned. He said that the PF government should just find better ways of silencing the opposition and not making laws which are not constitutional.
The provincial secretary said that every leader has command and that it is not fair and acceptable for Mr. Lungu to make his own law which is not in the constitution. He said that every citizen is entitled to freedom of assembly and movement adding that Lungu’ statement came at the wrong time when Zambians were already aware of PF’s intentions to bring the country into a one party ‘state.
He said that the statement from Home Affairs Minister and Justice Minister were contradicting each other and that the opposition is seeking clear guidance.
Ng’uni who supported UPND Deputy Spokesperson Cornelius Mwetwa’ statement to edge Mr. Lungu to produce a legislature to support his ban accused the minister of flouting the constitution.
The UPND was speaking in Livingstone on Sunday ahead of the party’s announcement of the adopted candidature within the week.