We shall continue recruiting opposition MPs – PF

The ruling Patriotic Front – PF has vowed to continue recruiting Members of Parliament to increase their numbers in the House.

Lusaka Province Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba said Zambia was a democratic country where political parties were free to participate in the multiparty system which entails growing numbers. He said the recruitment exercise for the PF will continue so that it can have numbers to pass laws in Parliament.

Kamba questioned Fr. Frank Bwalya statement that the PF was causing by-elections which were costing the country the little resuorces that are suppose to be put in more needy sectors. He explained that some by-elections have come due to successful petitions in the courts of law.

The PF Lusaka Youth Chairman cited the just held by-elections in Lukulu West and Kapiri Mposhi which came about after the High court verdict that the elections in the two constituencies were characterized by malpractices.

“The same mouth is calling for 50 plus one percent, how are we going to achieve that if we don’t have enough MPs,” wondered Kamba.

On Sunday, Fr Bwalya took a swipe at the PF government for inciting by-elections the move he described as stupid.