We have no plans whatsoever to take over any mine from anyone and run it-Lungu

ACTING President Edgar Lungu says Government has no plans to take over and run the mines in order to save jobs and that the sector will remain in the capable hands of private companies.
Mr Lungu was speaking in an interview yesterday following speculation that the Patriotic Front (PF) government would take over some mines.
“I can safely state that we have no plans whatsoever, now or in the near future, to take over any mine from anyone and run it,” Mr Lungu said. “Our job is to run government and provide a good environment for private business to flourish and not to take over any private company.”
Mr Lungu said what Government would always endeavour to do—not only in the mining sector— is to put on a “business and not a political hat” so that the markets are not adversely affected.
His statements have been echoed by Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda, who expressed confidence that there would be no job losses.