We can’t approve Budget for Police knowing it will be used to destroy People of Barotseland – Mutelo, Musokotwani tells Parliament

Lukulu West Member of Parliament Misheck Mutelo has wondered why the Zambia Police has only arrested few Panga welding PF Cadres who were fighting in Lusaka resulting in serious injuries and one death yet in Western Province (Barotseland) where people were only celebrating the Zambian government arrested 84 people.

Contributing to debate on the 2014 national budget under head 14 and 15 on the Zambia Police and Ministry of Home Affairs on Tuesday 12th November 2013, Hon Mutelo said it was difficult for him to support the budgetary allocation to the Police because the money will be used against the people of Barotseland.

“In Western Province (Barotseland) 84 people were arrested and among them three grade seven boys even missed their exams (two were released and one is still in prison) but here in Lusaka where one person was killed,have they arrested 84 people? If you are saying that the people of Western Province are not Zambians then give them Barotseland,” Mutelo said.

Mutelo complained that today people in Barotseland can no longer seat comfortably with their families because they can be arrested at anytime by the police adding that there was no peace and order in Barotseland.

And Liuwa Member of Parliament Situmbeko Musokotwani expressed fear that the money being approved for the Police would be used to destroy the people of Western Province (Barotseland).

We are approving money but part of this money is going to be used to destroy the people of Kalabo, Liuwa and Western Province,” Musokotwani said.

Musokotwani said even when he visits his constituency people no longer crowd his vehicle because they are in constant fear of the dreaded and unpopular Zambia Police.He pointed out that the people told him that youths and men were now sleeping in swamps and bushes because every now and then any one can be arrested at any time on account of belonging to Linyungandambo yet President Sata said Linyungandambo was a peaceful  organisation during the 2011 election campaigns.

Musokotwani, while quoting the Post newspaper of 22nd May 2011 where among other things Mr Sata said that no sensible person could ignore an agreement (The Barotseland Agreement 1964) that was signed and sealed almost 40 years ago.

He went further to tell the house that the Zambian Watchdog Online publication has put the video of Mr Sata promising to restore the Barotseland Agreement in 2011. He said it was shocking that the party that made all those promises was today arresting people for belonging to Linyungandambo. He said the people of Barotseland now understand the friendship between UNIP and PF, and pointed out that the first ‘don’t kubeba’ (deceit) was by UNIP in 1964 and the second one was in 2011 by the PF. He said the two parties used the people of Barotseland like toilet tissue and dumped them.

Musokotwani noted that peace and tranquility of a nation goes beyond the amount of guns and uniforms, and gave examples of countries like Germany and Apartheid South Africa which had powerful armies but realized that wisdom is needed to resolve conflicts.

He warned that if the Zambian government allows the situation to rise from bad to worse the budget for security will be increased 15 times in the next two years.