We are now certain about RB coming back to politics says Sakala

Zambia's ex-president Banda

Zambia’s ex-president Banda

Organizer of a campaign to have former president Rupiah Banda comeback from retirement and contest the next polls Edwin Sakala says he is now certain his goal will be achieved.

Sakala who heads a political movement called ZDDM and is a brother to former Press Aid Richard Sakala says Banda is the only one who would unit the country. He is urging the two leading parties in the country, UPND and MMD to field Banda as the candidate in 2016 as a sure way of defeating the PF.
Banda has however not made any public comment on the same. Below is a full statement by Sakala to Zambian Eye. 
Those wishing to frustrate our OPERATION “SAVE ZAMBIA” BEFORE ITS TOO LATE Campaign and its component of former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda comeback Campaign or indeed wanting to bury their heads in the sand like ostriches are free to continue doing so because the fact is that ZDDMs agenda is spreading like a bush fire.
We maybe as humble as the source of the Zambezi but those with eyes to see and ears to hear know that a “Wind of political change “is blowing across Zambia.
From the overweening support our campaign is receiving ZDDM is confident of forming the next government with its three fold agenda of  formation of a government of National Unity Government with former president Rupiah Bwezani Banda playing the role of uniting all political players similar to that played by Nelson Mandela in South Africa and establishment of a Federal
Unlike all the political parties in Zambia, our vision and goal is not State House but a New National order where national interest will over ride party and personal interest. The truth we respect is that Zambia is a very rich nation with enough wealth to ensure a decent life for every citizen but the problem has been a serious spiritual and moral bankrupty in the nation. A Zambian heart has been poisoned by hate and greed.
People elected to serve the citizens have used their positions to serve their interest and positioned themselves as horse riders and turned citizens into horses which they use at their convenience while a few youth have been made to play the role of vicious dogs to protect them against the very people who elected them.
In this vein Zambia Direct Democracy Movement-ZDDM is very happy that a faction within the Patriotic Front has decided to join its agenda calling for the introduction of a Federal system of government and the come back of former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda to bring this into reality.
For ZDDM this is a very welcome development because this PF faction has joined a bigger team still operating from different political parties who agree with us that a time has come for Zambia to change the way politics are done in the country.
We are vey happy that the campaign for a  Federal system which ZDDM championed at all the countrywide Constitution Technical Committee district and provincial constitutional and National conferences has finally come nearer to reality because Zambia needs a fresh start.
Instead of tribal and regional politics of bickering the introduction of a Federal system will bring with it a new political order of production where job creation and utilizing the abundant natural wealth and unutilized manpower resource will form our national agenda.
The future of Zambia is meanwhile under threat because of the primitive dimension politics have taken. Our land is being bought by foreigners while we are busy politicking .Instead of addressing real issue such as how our national resources and wealth are being stolen by foreigners and the wide spread poverty in the midst of abundant wealth like“fools” we are preoccupied with fighting each other.
ZDDM is for example determined to find out what has been happening to the huge stocks of precious minerals like Gold, emeralds and diamonds being mined with our copper .From the reports we received from some miners the nation is loosing out on this because concentration is being diverted to the less precious copper.
It against this agenda of saving Zambia that Zambia Direct Democracy Movement-ZDDM is very happy that the launch of its OPERATION “SAVE ZAMBIA” BEFORE ITS TOO LATE campaign at the humble source of the mighty Zambezi River at Ikelenge in Mwinilunga on 3rd October, 2013 is already flowing with PF joining in.
From the exposure and chance to explain our mission we were given by the highly professional media houses in North Western province ZDDM is now a household name there. The people there appreciate our mission for a NEW NATIONAL ORDER of a united opposition and Federal system of government.
The fact which stands however is that if general elections were held today our idea will win with a landslide vote because Zambians want a new beginning which we have been advocating for.
We want a UNITED Zambia with a common vision where national interest will rise above political party and personal interest.
Lastly we wish to appeal to those plotting against RB to leave him alone because he has nothing to do with our campaign.
This is an idea which came as a solution for Zambia’s recovery from many Zambians of good will and as a ZDDM we decided to adopt it as our own hence our decision to consult widely and to collect signatures which we shall use to persuade RB when the time comes.
We are meanwhile enjoying the ever growing. Support we are receiving.
Edwin Sakala – ZDDM.