We are happy you came back, now deliver the constitution, HH writes Sata

16  February, 2014

His Excellency The President,  Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata,  State House  Lusaka

Your Excellency,


We write again on behalf of many Zambians on the above captioned subject.

We are happy that you answered our call  and you are back from where  you were to face the challenge of delivering a new constitution.

We put it to you that there is growing national consensus among the  citizenry that the delivery of a people driven constitution should be  your administration’s number one (1) priority in this jubilee year.

We have however  noted with great concern your unpatriotic and  divisive comments on the constitution.  During your last address to  Parliament in October 2013, you stated that there was no need to rush  the constitution making process because Zambia was not facing a  constitutional crisis. Most recently, on Wednesday 12th  February  2014, at State House during a swearing in ceremony, you stated that  people who spoke about the constitution should be ignored because  Zambia already has a constitution.

We have studied your comments and our response is as follows:-

1       Your clueless policy of ignoring citizens is creating unnecesary  tension         and acrimony in the country. In a functioning democracy,  Presidents do   not give citizens the “silent treatment” but engage  them. We demand that    you come out of your new hideout facebook and  address the nation      directly on the constitution.  2       Your battle cry for the September 2011 election that lifted the  hopes and       aspiration of Zambians was the promise to deliver a people  driven  constitution within the first ninety (90) days of the  Patriotic Front’s       administration. Reneging on this pledge after  getting the vote is     tantamount to obtainig electoral victory by false  pretences. It is criminal!   3      Your hypocrisy has reached alarming proportions. A few questions  will    help illustrate our point:-

a.      When you were campaigning in 2011 and promising voters a new                          constitution, didn’t you know that Zambia already had a                                  constitution?          b.      When you were opening parliament on 14th October 2011 and                          promising  Zambians a new constitution, didn’t you know that                          Zambia already had a constitution?          c.      When you set up a technical committee to spearhead the drafting                          of a new constitution,didn’t you know that Zambia already had a                          constitution?

The answer to the above questions is that you knew, therefore your  recent utterances only confirm your hypocrisy

4       Your current position on the constitution if taken seriously implies  that    you orchastrated plunder of national resources to the tune of  K154    million (K154 billion old currency)  5       Finally we find your current position to be illogical. Life is all  about   improving what you found. Yes we do have a constitution , but  this does       not stop us from seeking a better one

In conclusion, your administration’s u-turn on the delivery of a  people driven constitution is a direct assualt on the people’s jubilee  dream.  Zambians demand that your administration quickly re-aligns  itself with the aspirations of the majority on this matter and  facilitate the delivery of a people driven constitution.

Yours faithfully,

Hakainde Hichilema  PRESIDENT

Cc.     The Executive Director, NGOcc  Cc.     The Exective Director, Zambia Council for Social Development  Cc.     The Executive Director, FODEP  Cc.     The Executive Director, ZaCoMef  Cc.     The Executive Director,Operation Young Vote  Cc.     The Executive Director, Oasis Forum  Cc.     The Executive Director, Panos Institute, Southern Africa  Cc.     The Executive Director, YALI  Cc.     The Executive Director, Zambia Episcopal Conference  Cc.     The Executive Director, Christian Council of Zambia  Cc.     The Executive Director, Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia  Cc.     The Country Director, Action Aid  Cc.     The President, Law Association of Zambia (LAZ)  Cc.     The President, Movement For Multi Party Democracy(MMD)  Cc.     The President, United National Independence Party (UNIP)  Cc.     The President, Forum For Democracy and Development(FDD)  Cc.     The President, Allaince For Democracy and Development(ADD)