Ways to get to know him better before marriage and skills you need

5 ways to get to know him before marriage

1. Talk to him

There is nothing like regular communication to get to know a person better. Today we are living in a technology driven world where knowing about a person and keeping in touch with them is never difficult. If meeting them regularly is not possible, you can talk on the phone or chat online. Try to know about different aspects of his life, including his work, his passions, his thoughts regarding marriage, about women in general. Understand his lifestyle, his hobbies and passions. The more you interact, the better you get to know him.

2. Social media connect
Once you set your mind on marrying the man, it is time to enter his world, literally and virtually. Nowadays, having an online identity has become the norm for most people. Send him friend request on different social networks. This way you will get to know his inner circle, his friends, and kind of interest he shares with them. A look at his interests and posts would definitely give you the best idea of how he really is. You can also interact with his friends and acquaintances. In the process, you will automatically get to know him better before marriage

3. Go out on dates
Going out on a date is surely the best way to break the ice and to know his personality and mind-set better. You can ask him to take you out to the places that he likes or for activities he likes to indulge in, like his favorite restaurant or club. A single date may not be enough, especially to decide about marriage. After all, it takes time to become comfortable with each other and talk openly. Do not hesitate to ask personal questions, such as about habits, lifestyle, past, etc.

4. Visiting his workplace
Visiting the workplace of your prospective life partner and talking to his co-workers and even the immediate boss is another fantastic way to determine the kind of person he is. Is he everything he claims to be? What is the view of his colleagues and subordinates? Remember it should not sound like you are snooping around, so ask your questions casually and very coyly. You can visit him during the lunch break or attend a social event at the workplace to get such insight.

5. Visit his home
While traditionally, a bride-to-be does not visit the home of her prospective bridegroom, but if your would-be in-laws do not mind, then do visit his home. Visiting the home of your prospective husband gives you a glimpse into the real person. How he behaves at home? What is his family atmosphere like? How he keeps his room? These can surely help you know him better and to make the right decisions.


4 Skills You Need Before Getting Married!!!

Before someone gets a driver’s license, they take a drivers ed course, practice with the help of an experienced driver, and closely study the rulebook. These are all valuable things to do, because driving without the necessary skills would make someone a menace on the roads, and a danger to themselves and others.

The same thought process applies to marriage, as well. Before getting a marriage license, people must learn how to do the high-skills activity that partnership requires. Otherwise, couples are at risk for intense fighting, and launching a marriage that’s at risk from the outset.

1. Emotional self-regulation. Young children often get mad, cry, or even hit their siblings. Adults, on the other hand, mostly live their lives in the calm zone. The good news is that adults who get overly emotional, (especially with anger), can learn how to overcome their anger tendencies. If you find that you raise your voice and get mad more than once every several months, or get so mad that you say and do hurtful things, you’ve got some important learning to do.

2. Communication. Talking tactfully, especially when the issue is something that distresses you, and listening in a way that sustains cooperation, are essential to any marriage. Talking in a way that’s complaining, critical, or otherwise hurtful will get you in serious marriage trouble. Dismissing what your partner says, negating what you hear with “but”, or ignoring instead of digesting what you hear, is sure to cause extreme marital woes.

3. Conflict resolution. All couples have differences. Successful couples know how to start with a “his-way” and a “her-way” and end up with an “our-way” that they both feel good about. That’s true whether the issue is a simple one, like what movie to to see on Saturday night, or big issues like where to live, how to handle money.

4. Positivity. Every time you share a smile, laugh at your partner’s jokes, agree with a comment your partner said, express appreciation, thank your partner for something, or express affection, you are offering “dollops” of positivity. The more dollops you give, the happier you both will be.

Source: Information Nigeria.