Vote NAREP for development, Chipimo tells Mpongwe

NAREP president Elias Chipimo Jr says Mpongwe residents will have a feel of real development if they vote for his party’s candidate Reagan Ndhlovu next week.

And MMD’s candidate Miniver Mutesa said she was the only one who had a practical formula for Mpongwe’s development among all the candidates.

Meanwhile a member of the Malembeka Royal Establishment Hyback Mwanza says Mpongwe residents are willing to give PF candidate Gabriel Namulambe a second chance.

In an interview, Chipimo said the people must begin to galvanise their thinking towards the need for change.

He said it was pleasing that Ndhlovu had stimulated the desire for change in the minds of many people of Mpongwe district and victory was certain for him.

“Mpongwe is a serious farming community and contributes significantly to the country’s food security.

They don’t have a mine here so farming is a way of life. As NAREP, we will change things here if we are given chance through our candidate.