VJ Opposes Wholesale Subsidy Removal

Veteran politician Vernon Johnson Mwaanga says he does not support the wholesale removal of subsidies on critical commodities like mealie meal and fuel as has been done by President Michael Sata’s government.

And Mwaanga says the wholesale recall of diplomats linked to the former regime has the potential to disrupt international relations between Zambia and other countries.

Featuring on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview programme, Mwaanga, commonly known as VJ, said he was still an MMD member although he had taken a laid back position.

“First of all let me say that we (MMD) are not the ones who introduced the removal of subsidies, the subsidies were introduced in the days of UNIP, we took over these subsidies,” he said.

“I was minister in the UNIP government as well, we carried them over into MMD and the idea was to continue removing them in the 20 years that MMD was in power.