Village for UPND candidate set ablaze, UPND calls for International Community intervention

A family Village for the UPND candidate for Mpongwe by-election Rabson Chilufya has been set ablaze and Chilufya has accused the ruling PF cadres.

And UPND has called on the International Community to intervene on the political tension that has heightened in Zambia ahead of two by-elections on Thursday.

The Village where Chilufya’s mother live was set ablaze early hours of Wednesday and household property was destroyed in inferno. Chilufya who has since reported the matter to the Police says the PF were behind the burning of the village.

But PF campaign manager in Mpongwe Jean Kapata has denied the allegations saying her party has nothing to do with the UPND as it is not a factor in the area. Kapata said even UNIP was more popolar than UPND in Mpongwe and dismissed the UPND allegations.

She was speaking Wednesday during a press briefing on Wednesday.

And UPND Copperbelt province Chairman Elisha Matambo has appealed to the International Community to intervene on the PF government’s arrests of opposition leaders and violence targeted at the opposition.

Mutambo who is in Mpongwe was reacting to the burning of the village for the UPND candidate and arrests of UPND leaders and some campaign officials. He said the situation in Zambia was deteriorating and called for an urgent intervention of the International Community.

The UPND Copperbelt Chairman explained that even one of its councilors in Mpongwe had been arrested and the campaign in both constituency by its party has been disturbed by the PF through arrests and violence. He said this is how unrest begun and there must be a stop  on how PF is managing the country.