Victoria Falls is safe, government assures Tourists

Knife bridge at Victoria Falls

Knife bridge at Victoria Falls

The Zambian government has assured Tourists visiting the Victoria Falls in Livingstone that the tourism site is secure as it is well barricaded.

This assurance comes after a Chinese Tourist a Mr. Wang 45 survived death Monday morning after he fell into the Victoria Falls gorge which is 110 metres deep near the Knife Edge while taking photographs while walking backwards.

He was retrieved alive in what could be described as a miracle leaving him shaken by a combined team of Livingstone Fire Brigade, Zambia Police Service and Bundu Adventure

Tourism and Arts Deputy Minister Lawrence Evans who is also Livingstone Central Member of Parliament says the incidence should not scare the Tourists from the World’s Heritage Wonder as the place was safe. He said Tourists should be free to visit to visit the Falls as the incidence was just one of the rare occurrences.