Vice president’s convoy in an accident

A vehicle in the convoy of Zambia’s Vice president Guy Scott has been involved in an accident in Livingstone, the country’s tourist capital.

The motor vehicle which carried some Deputy Ministers and party officials accompanying the Vice president Scott collided with another vehicle along Airport Road.

The cars were driving from Livingstone’s Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula to welcome the Vice president who is in the city to campaign for the ruling Patriotic Front – PF parliamentary candidate in the February 28, 2013 parliamentary by-elections.

The ministerial car for Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Kazabu is reported to have extensively damaged. It collided into the landcruser that was driving from the opposite direction.

PF Southern province Brian Hapunda who was one those involved in an accident blamed the Police for not clearing the road for the Vice president’s convoy. Hapunda has since urged the Police to ensure that the roads are cleared for Very Important People – VIP.

No one was injured and Kazabu has thanked God for having served lives in the accident.