Vice President Guy Scott’s remarks on South Africa

By Bishop Joseph Kazhila

The Republican Vice President, his honour Dr. Guy Scot, has cast a dangerously demeaning shadow on Zambia’s relationship with the outer world especially the Republic of South Africa.

It was very unnecessary for him to say what he said, without considering the possible inevitable repercussions.

If not handled prudently his ratings will put tremendous risks on Zambians residing in or visiting South Africa because Dr. Guy Scot openly declared his hatred for South Africans in general, and even told off the black people. South Africans may now be wondering why, on earth, they are so hated and considered as backward people by Zambians?

It is beyond normal human understanding for any one to comprehend the reasons why the number two highest man in Zambia ranted in the way he did, and worse still in the country whose people he claims to hate. Was he really in his right frame of mind or something somewhere went wrong?

It’s the first time ‘am hearing of such hateful speech by a senior government official carelessly tearing down the pride of another nation.

Dr. Scot should be man enough to apologize to the good people of South Africa and retract his hate speech, concluding it as personal. Government must move in quickly so that  Zambians are not compounded as part of this derogatory hate speech.

As Zambian people we have no issues with our South African brothers and sisters. They are very good people, so friendly and very helpful in many ways. They have invested very massively in Zambia, and this is helping in developing our nation.

‘Am appealing to our republican president to do something fast in repairing this dented relationship because Zambia still needs South African political, economic and social relationship just like they need us. The vice president whether he spoke in his personal or official capacity the effects have hurt people, and he should just humble himself to correct the mess.

Bishop Joseph Kazhila is General Overseer for The Life Gospel Fellowship Ministries International