Via telephone: I’m in London wooing investors says President Sata

President Sata

President Sata

Zambian President Michael Sata Wednesday morning said he was in London meeting some investors dismissing reports that he was sick and on his way to India for medication.

In an arranged telephone interview with the government owned and controlled ZNBC, President Sata said he was well and talking to potential people and convince them to come and invest in Zambia.

He said he will be coming to Zambia this week.

President Sata’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations George Chellah on Tuesday, February 3, said the Head of State was in London for a two weeks Holiday. He took a swipe at those questioning the whereabout of President Sata saying he is also entitled for a holiday just like anybody.

He said President Sata was working during the festival season when people had gone for holiday.

Therefore, his (HH) utterances on the whereabouts of the President do not surprise us because when everybody including himself were on holiday with their families during the festive season and the Head of State was busy sacrificing by working through out this period, it never mattered to him,” Chellah said.

“But now that the President has taken his vacation, he wants to infuse his cheap schemes to gain political mileage out of a genuine moment of rest for the Head of State. We thank God the Zambian people don’t see him going far and have realized that his divisive politics of hate, tribalism and racism pays no dividends and are now shunning him.”