CARACAS, The V Cultural Festival with the Peoples of Africa opens today in Venezuela with a week of music, food, and festivities.

Titled, The Force of Solidarity,” the event begins with performances by musical groups from Guyana, Nigeria, Mozambique, Cuba, and Venezuela in the Teatro Principal of Caracas.

Upcoming activities will feature traditional dances, artistic demonstrations from talents such as Elsayed Morsi and the Black Theater of Barlovento. The international expo aims to share the cultural traditions of Africa with the world, also incorporating aspects of the African diaspora in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Celebrating its 12th anniversary, this year’s event has drawn attendees from 30 African countries and a dozen Caribbean and South American nations, in a continuous show of solidarity by Bolivarian Venezuela with the continent.

The Cultural Festival with the Peoples of Africa, an expression that implies the universality of Africanism throughout the world (the great diaspora and its descendants) is an international event unique in its kind, both in Latin America and in Africa itself, a statement on the event’s site read.

According to the program’s site, the cultural festival follows the Plan of the Nation, which it describes as Venezuela’s obligation to honour the identity and the active and visible construction of a multi-polar world.

It is the way in which the Peoples of the South close with their own joy and spirituality a year of Unity, Struggle, Battle and Victory of the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela, the official site said.

Also on the agenda of festivities from Nov. 26 to Dec. 3, are a variety of workshops, recitals, concerts, exhibitions, conversations, and tours to schools and historical sites.

The week’s events will close with a special reading of the Declaration of Solidarity with Venezuela and a musical performance of eight of the international groups as the grand finale.