Veep Drags Neighbouring Countries in Removal of Subsidies

Veep on Luangwa Report Vice President Guy Scott says government scrapped off the controversial subsidies because neighbouring countries benefitted more than Zambians.

Dr. Scott says Zambia’s neighbours have been smuggling cheap fuel and mealie meal that government has been subsidizing.

Ironically, Dr. Scott was recently in Harare to finalise the 150,000 tonnes maize deal, which   Zimbabwe is yet to pay for as the Zambian government  has said is not in a hurry to be paid.

At today’s prices, 150,000 tonnes of maize is valued at about US$25 million.

He justifies the removal saying his government wants to channel the resources realized from the subsidies to needy areas.

The Vice President was speaking at the rally to drum up support for PF candidate Patrick Ngoma.

Candidates from five political parties have successfully filed their nominations ahead of the June 20 Parliamentary by-elections.