‘Used’ underpants and bras are on demand in Lusaka

SONY DSCSalaula traders in Lusaka have remained defiant of  directives to stop selling second hand ‘used ‘ under-wear and bras. The traders have continued to sale the merchandise in open spaces around Lusaka, the Zambian capital. underpants

A check by Zambian Eye, found the commodity selling with no signs of ending anytime soon. The traders talked to said the commodity is still on demand because of their durability compared to those sold especially in Chinese shops.

According to some traders on Lumumba Road, they said many people still prefers underwear from salaula despite warning that they may be harmful to one’s health.

Zambia is among the many countries in Africa which has effected a ban on the used underwear citing health hazards especially for women.

While this has gone well in countries like Zimbabwe in the neighbouring South or Ghana in the far West , it has been received with mixed feelings in Zambia where salaula ‘second hand clothes’ is on huge demands from the majority population.