UPND too small to swallow us – MMD

UPND is too small to swallow MMD, says Chembe Nyangu.

And Nyangu says it is an insult for the UPND senior leadership, which has been vulgar towards other parties, to propose a merger with MMD.

Commenting on the decision by the UPND senior leadership to task Mutale Nalumango to engage senior MMD officials, among them Dr Brian Chituwo, Kabinga Pande and Kenneth Chipungu with a view to merging the two parties, Nyangu, who is MMD deputy national secretary, said there was no way the former ruling party could join UPND.

“We can’t join UPND because UPND senior leaders’ language is not inspiring. There is no way Mutale Nalumango can propose that MMD joins UPND,” he said. “These mergers must be negotiated by sober individuals. They need to send people with good language to do that. MMD is not like these other political parties which are run by individuals. MMD has a very different system of running the party, and no single person owns MMD.