UPND postpones Chawama rally

UPND has postponed its rally after consultations with stakeholders like students bodies, Non Governmental Organizations that was slated for Chawama, one of the shanty townships in Lusaka.

The Police denied a permit for the opposition to go ahead with the rally citing security concerns. But UPND had vowed to go ahead with the rally whose theme was to press the PF government to rescind its decision to remove subsidies on maize and fuel.

UPND Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa confirm the postponement saying a date will be communicated when the rally shall take place.

But the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kapyongo said his Ministry needed to know which student leaders and NGO the UPND is going to share the platform with. Kapyongo said government did not want to have all students at UNZA to be in Chawama.

He said government was wondering why UPND which denied having been behind the riotous behavior by students was now going to share the same platform.