UPND, MMD alliance is in national interest – Mweetwa

THE UPND says it is not taking advantage of any perceived vulnerability of the MMD but that the two political parties’ alliance is in national interest.

Commenting on the loose alliance that has been entered into between the MMD and the UPND, Cornelius Mweetwa said there were many areas in terms of the economy where the two political parties were agreeing.

“The areas of convergence and agreement when you look at the economy, good governance are sufficient to compel us to work together, so that we can consolidate our goals as opposition. In the meantime, we want to make sure that we must win by-elections so that we can continue to retain numbers in the House; that is the fundamental reason we are working with MMD. Many people are beginning to say MMD was better than PF currently unless PF does something different between now and 2016,” said Mweetwa who is UPND deputy spokesperson.