UPND holds its rally in Kabwata

THE UPND has described government’s decision not to allow police presence at their planned rally in Kabwata today as mockery in the execution of the law. Commenting on the decision by home affairs minister Edgar Lungu to give the much-anticipated rally a go-ahead, but without police presence, UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said the party was disappointed with the decision taken because it was illegal for the police to withdraw from the rally.

“The rationale of notifying the police is that the police should prepare to come and police the event. They are not notified to refuse to come and police the event. That is not the issue,” Mweetwa said.

“We are very disappointed on that score. We found that decision an attempt to mock the whole law enforcement process because it is the requirement for the police to be present and give protection to people who are holding a public rally.