UPND drafts a 15 Member Cabinet

Zambia’s main opposition UPND has disclosed that it will form a lean cabinet comprising of 15 members once ushered into government in 2016.

Party Director for Policy and Research Dr. Choolwe Beyani disclosed this when he featured on Zambian Eye’s Hot Seat programme.

“So as small leaner cabinet of only 15 has already been drafted and the plethora of deputy minsters and provincial ministers will be done away with,” Dr. Beyani said. “Currently there are over 74 Ministers and we plan to have only 30 with deputies. The current Cost of Cabinet is about 17 Billion Kwacha Under Rupiah (Banda) it was K8 billion.”

He said the UPND plans to bring it down to about K4.5 billion.

Asked by the moderator Owen Miyanza how UPND should be believed when PF sung the same song but changed goal posts immediately they were entrusted with power, Dr. Beyani said the reason PF and MMD appointed several deputies was a factor of poor management and lack of vision.

“Public office must be manged prudently and not an avenue for rewarding cadres. This in a way is a function of lack of policy direction. cadres can be rewarded through res-killing and directing their energies to youth employment and job formation. This is the the estimated K12 billion wastage we would like to end and put the money to better use. Any one who wants to make money must go to the Private sector. Public sector is for service not job creation willy nilly,” Dr. Beyani said.

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