UPND advise Sata’s aid to get adequate academic credentials

George Chellah

George Chellah

United Party for National Development (UPND) has advised President Michael Sata’s Press Aid, George Chellah, to get adequate academic credentials for the job he holds so that he could be relevant in modern government and governance system.

This is according to the press statement released today by UPND deputy secretary general Kachunga Simusamba.

The UPND have branded a Chellah a specialist in failure for his lack of response to simple questions.

Below is the full statement from UPND.



The statement making the rounds in media circles emanating from statehouse makes sad reading. UPND recommends psychiatric evaluation of the author as the purported response to President Hakainde Hichilema has brought the state president into public odium and disrepute. Typical of a specialist in failure, Chellah has successfully failed to respond to simple questions put to his administration. This is typical behaviour of an intellectual pygmy lost in the forest of quality reasoning.

Instead of responding to HHs questions, Chellah attempts to use semantics as a tool of diversion. We       would like to remind Mr Sata and his handlers that Zambians are neither foolish nor average minds to be deceived by such cheap schemes.  UPND would like to put it on record that Mr Sata will not be allowed to turn the Zambia’s dream of a people driven constitution in into a PF comedy. Twakana twabepwa kwafula. Mr Sata should know in no uncertain terms that if he insists on implementing his clueless policy of ignoring citizens advocating for a people driven constitution, then UPND will forthwith implement the ‘ignore the President’ policy that will culminate into the democratic eradication of the ‘useless’ PF government in 2016.

In the meantime we would like to again advise George to stop being a parrot and get adequate academic credentials for that job he holds so that he can be relevant in modern 21st century Government and Governance systems as well as intellectual discourse. He has not depth whatsoever other than specializing in semantics and sarcasm which is a preserve for shallow minds. We think Sata has more useless people than just his Ministers and MPs, even his handlers are useless as demonstrated by Chellah.


Issued by


Kuchunga E. Simusamba

Deputy Secretary General (Politics)