Up coming Zambian Entertainment Mogul “Yelesani Mwale (Pash)

By Val Shaw

Is Pash or Yelesani Mwale, our Zambian next Puffy, or who some call P Diddy? This young guy is rocking the world in all angles of entertainment, he deserves an applause like Applause by Lady Gaga.

But this is our own . People think that once someone goes across the boarders they forget all about Zambia as people here call it Zed.

After having several,  conversations with this well renounced entertainer,  who works at a Zambian one and only online radio station in USA, Zambezi Radio. An online show based on top 10 Zambian (Zed)beats also spices in the latest music, during the show, which he calls “Zambezi radio Top 10 with Pash.”

He talks about everything in music entertainment , artists including talking to Zambian US based DJ’s and yes he is a very positive person, who is out there scouting for people with great musical or entertainment projects to work with. He is making  efforts into  putting zed (Zambian) beats and zed show biz on the map.



But who is Yelesani Mwale aka Pash?  He is a young man aged 27 based in USA. At the age of 12 Pash felt the thirst of getting into show biz by making mix-tapes of different songs for friends at birthday parties and that just gave him the urge to yearn for more. But the thirst got quenched when he was 20 years old and that was just about the time he had moved to the United States,in  2007.

 Though it was not exactly a smooth adventure, he stuck through  all obstacles to get to where he is today! He worked with a few friends here and there, then along the way looked into school, did Music Production  at ” The New School Center For Media in New York City.  There he found out they had a program in creating Video’s and in the long run it paid off,  for he got a  chance to work with a few artists and produced their music which can be viewed on YouTube on the links below.
After he was finished with the schooling, Pash was approached by one of the hosts of the one and only Zambian Online Radio Station, Zambezi Radio to host a show . Upon accepting the Job he went on and did a picture mix of the Chipolopolo boys on one of his shows http://youtu.be/5I0Q-V-81wM.

A few months after,  he went back to school and did radio and Television Art which led him into finishing off with Advanced Multimedia Production.

After gaining his experience in his successful various Entertainment programs he opened his own Production House in 2009,  which he is currently running called “Dacon Ent” where he does  productions  like Video’s, After Effects, Radio Drops, commercials (Adverts) Photography , Motion and Graphic Designs.

Currently,  he is working on a few projects which will come out mid next year. So somebody, anybody who wants to be discovered and  wants to enter the showbiz. This is the guy you want to contact and he can work with any one from around the world as he is very resourceful.

On his radio show, Zambian artist Dwani, who did myI am Dwani“, 

He also worked with an American Artist , known as Ethan Moore he produced and Edited his music video


Chibo: a Zambian artist  who did, “Kaleza Kaleza Kani ngambe featuring Dandy Krazy”. He also worked with K’cyrus who also is an up coming Zambian Artist and Princess Mwamba.    


Zambian Artists

Zambian Artists: Princess Mwamba, Chibo and Dwani 

Well, Yelesani Mwale aka Pash ain’t settling down for he is working on creating a documentary where by he will gather artists and people in  the entertainment business all Zambians and see what they are working with, so that he can make it known out there…in the whole world Wide.

For more information on Pash or his production company please contact advfashstyentertainment@zambianeye.com