UNZASU Warns PF Cadres who Beat up Students

University of Zambia student leaders say they will no longer tolerate Patriotic Front cadres going into campus to beat them up every time they are demonstrating on campus.

And newly elected University of Zambia Students Union President Stephen Kanguya says it was illogical for the Patriotic Front government to go on rampage building provincial universities when they were failing to manage the two public universities in the country.

Featuring on Radio Phoenix’s Let The People Talk, the students said the police were the ones responsible for the demonstrations that spiraled into riots as they followed students to the hostels.

Vice president Cederick Makumba said tension on campus was building over the delay in the payment of meal allowances and the students had given the union an ultimatum.

“We had cadres of a political party coming into campus beating up innocent students by the entrance who were demonstrating.