UNZA students vows not to allow management impose the term

University of Zambia (UNZA) students have vowed not to allow management to impose the term system which it is planning to introduce soon.

The students who were schuduled to meet management and the University Council on Friday afternoon said they will not allow management to go ahead and implement the new system.

University of Zambian Students Union (UNZASU) President Steven Kyengula said the students have rejected the plan saying they are now asking management to drop their plan.

Kyengula who was found explaining to students told Zambianeye.com that his union has provided a platform for students to air their grievances through the meeting.

He said students are against the system which was in the first place imposed on them as they claimed they were not consulted.

But he added that he has sought for a platform with management and university council to discuss the matter and reach a conclusion.

The UNZASU President said his union wants to provide a platform for engagement than engage in uncivilised means.

Kyengula said he has also managed to get signatures from the students which he will present to management.

But efforts to get a comment from UNZA management failed as they were reported in a meeting.

About 8,000 out of the 13,000 students at Great East Road Campus has signed the petition which is seeking management not to ahead with the planed new system.
UNZA has semester system (6 months) period but the term system is three months.