UNZA Students riot again

Students at Zambia’s biggest University have gone to the street rioting against the Patriotic Front’s decision to remove fuel and maize subsidies.

The students have been protesting the past two days after government announced that it has also removed subsidies on maize but today’s protest got serious as students blocked Great East Road while chanting anti-PF slogans. The riot begun around 7pm local time.

The riot Police were quickly deployed to the country’s highest learning institution and blocked the students who had started matching towards the cities main Shopping Malls – Arcades and Manda Hill on Great East Road.

A check by Zambian Eye at 9pm found armed riot police on Great East. The Great East Road was blocked from Arcades Round about forcing motorists to use other alternative routes.

The students had moved back to campus and were head singing and chanting slogans.