UNZA Students riot

Riot has erupted at Zambia’s biggest University, UNZA. Students have taken to the main Road – Great East where they have blocked it burnt some tires.

The Students are demanding an increase in their meal and project allowances. Riot Police have been dispatched to UNZA.

A source within Campus says some Students have gathered at the Monk Square and have lit a huge fire with a few spilling to the Great East Road campus where cars are being diverted from the Arcades and Munali roundabouts.

Students are in the second week of opening for the 2013 /14 semester. The students are demanding an increment that will see them receive a K2.2 million. Police have sealed off both ends of the road while the students are still gathered to plot their next move.

“Ya the time I was driving thru was the time they were just starting to shout “ibwele BC..” while burning tyres..and luckily I was on  the other side of the Road heading towards Chelstone in criuze mode..I felt sorry for the motorists in the other lane..They panicked trying to make u-turns within the same lane while those with big trucks, buses were hitting those metal barriers in the middle of the Road to cross over to the other lane…shame!” narrated Mike Daka.