UNZA students reacts angrily, oppose govt move to surcharge them for riots

University of Zambia (UNZA) students have reacted angrily to threats by government to start surcharging them for any damages incurred during the riots.

The students who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of victimization told Zambian Eye that it is unfair for government to charge them for loses when it is the police in most cases who are to blame for the damages.

The students who were citing the recent protests which turned violent said the students wanted the protest to be peaceful but directives from the President caused the fracas.

They have hinted that they will in this case write to the President and the Ministry of Home Affairs to protest over the move and charge the police over the infernal at one of the hotels during the recent riots.

The students have also accused government of planning to remove the subsidy on education.

They said there is no way government can threat to surcharge all students if they fail to identify ring leaders saying this will mean that the bursaries committee will not be paying the students in the pretext  of paying for the damages.

Acting President, Edgar Lungu who is also Home Affairs Minister, said government will start charging the students for all damages on private bad public property during riots.