UNZA students in running battles with Police

Students from the country’s biggest University, the University of Zambia on Wednesday fought running battles with police  as they rioted over what is alleged to be government’s decision to deduct from their allowances.

The students are protesting over the delays in receiving their project allowances  after they alleged that government wants to deduct K 700 from their allowances. The students blocked the Great East road disturbing the flow of traffic to and from town on great east road.

It is however not clear whether the money deducted is from that which Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu said government will be surcharging for damages during riots or not as efforts to get Students Union failed.

But the students who are in no compromise mood and singing among other songs the famous ‘Bufi’ meaning lies have accused government of having a misplaced priority of sponsoring the political engineered by-elections while denying the students their dues.

Police fired teargas canisters at the students.

The move also comes days after government through management at Mulungushi University charged second and third year students for damages.