UNZA students forcefully remove George Chellar’s chola boy Sunday Chanda from live radio interview

Uncompromising University of Zambia (UNZA) this morning forcefully removed George Chellar’s agent and PF cadre Sunday Chanda from UNZA radio live interview where he featured and as usual started to praise his paymasters the PF government.
Mr. Chanda, who is just a conman and common thief in Lusaka, is a typical PF cadre who normally masquerades under some nonentity State House and PF Non-Government Individual (NGI) called  Open Society Foundation (OSF) which he runs with State House press aid George Chellar where is he gave himself the title as Executive Director.
In 2011 elections, he was MMD candidate in Kanchibiya constituency and later conned Felix Mutati by pretending to be campaigning for him as MMD president but after the project failed, he resigned from MMD and together with Chellar formed an NGI.