UNZA students educate PF on adverse effects of removing subsidies

Following the removal of subsidies on fuel and mealie meal, with the alleged justification of increased fuel pump price by the government, there has been an outcry from the many Zambians including us the students of the University of Zambia. This is simply because it is us, the ordinary Zambians that suffer the effects of such decisions.
We do not want to look at this issue from a narrow perspective such as limiting it to how it affects the elite of this country, but we want to take a holistic analysis and look at how it affects a common Zambian. The removal of subsidies has so far resulted in the following:
Firstly, the hiking of the fuel prices which has resulted into increased bus fares. Just here in Lusaka, bus drivers have increased bus fares with immediate effect on all routes by 15 per cent in order to cushion them against increase fuel prices.