UNZA don joins calls for PF cadre acting as Chief Justice to go

A University of Zambia lecturer says acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda is abetting unconstitutionality by choosing to cling on to her position despite having been found legally unfit to hold that office.
Dr Choolwe Beyani says apart from justice Chibesakunda being above the 65-year-old limit she was also seen as a stooge of the Patriotic Front government who want to use her to rubber stamp their decisions.
Dr Beyani said justice Chibesakunda should resign if she had any morality in her.
“My appeal to madam Chibesakunda whom I held in high esteem is that she should resign because she is abetting unconstitutionality by her continued stay in office,” he said.
“She is not only above the required age of 65 but is also seen as being pushed to ensure that PF agenda of nullifying opposition parliamentary seats is seen through.
“The PF is busy appointing people who are not constitutionally qualified for the positions they are being put in.