Unanswered questions on the wrangles in PF! What is the solution?

President Sata

President Sata

By Clinton Masumba in Solwezi

It all started like a Joke when Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba announced that President Micheal Sata will embark on national tour, by then the Head of State was in india.

Mwamba announced that President Micheal Sata will soon embark on a special tour of all provinces in the country in order to renew his development commitment to Zambians and update himself on on-going projects

Despite the much publicized statement the return of President Sata never yielded the promise made by Mwamba popularly known as GBM.

The Head of State returned and never made mention of the statements by the Defence Minister but concentrated to other national duties.

In a scope of an eye Geoffrey Mwamba was in his constituency where he again announced his intentions  to endorse the candidature of President Sata as the sole candidate for the 2016 tripatite elections.

This statement attracted the attention of other senior government officials which included the Chief Executive Officer of the Patriotic Front government Wynter Kabimba who is also the Justice minister. This has brought divisions in the party with others supporting GBM’s statements while others are against the idea for unknown reasons.

Fortunate enough the Head of State intervened and called for an end to the endorsement squabbles but this has not come to an end with more people getting trapped in the issue.  This has led to the change of certain people from their party positions and government positions.

Specifically this has seen the coming of Emmanuel Mwamba to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services as Permanent Secretary. His coming has also brought out issues especially after canceling the contracts for the supply of digital equipment as the country is in a process to switch to digital as instructed by SADC and ITU.

Just a few days ago the Justice Minister has been angered with the statements by the new PS in the Ministry of Information.

But getting back to our main issue GBM versus Wynter what will be the end result of the two?

We had Given Lubinda in Cabinet, Sebastian Zulu, Effron Lungu and many others due to mistakes they faced disciplinary actions depending on their cases.

Now with cadres accross the country protesting that Wynter leaves the position of SG!

What decision will the Head of State make? Who is engineering the wrangles in PF?

Will Micheal Sata be bold enough to decide the way forward of the party?

Many questions still remain unanswered on the squabbles surrounding the ruling party PF…