UK based Zambian politican Msoni to Head Ken Ngondo’s APC party

Outgoing immediate past President Chiozi Ng'uni of All Peoples congress congratulating the newly elected President Nason Msoni.

Outgoing immediate past President Chiozi Ng’uni of All Peoples congress congratulating the newly elected President Nason Msoni.

United Kingdom based Zambian Political Activist Nason Msoni has been elected as president of opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party.

Mr. Msoni was elected at an extra ordinary conference held at Blue Water Motel in Lusaka on Saturday, February 15, 2014.

APC was founded in 2005 by late Ken Ngondo. After his death Vice president Chozi Nguni took over the leadership of the party.

Msoni has been actively involved in politics and at the 2005 MMD convention he challenged then Republican president Levy Mwanasa but he lost.

He told Zambian Eye after midnight on Saturday that he had moved back to Zambia to lead the APC.

“I am here to carry forward the party leadership of APC,” said Mr. Msoni.

Below is Mr. Msoni’s acceptance speech he delivered after he was elected as APC president.

Nason Msoni

Nason Msoni

It is impossible not to feel over-whelmed and joyed by the unanimous decision of the extra-ordinary conference of All Peoples Congress (APC) to have overwhelmingly and democratically elected me as the third (3RD) Party President and the flag bearer of the party to any future subsequent election to be held for the office of President of the Republic Zambia.

I wholeheartedly accept this onerous task of rebuilding our party which was founded by our dearest departed patriot and leader of our people Hon.Winright Kenneth Kamwili Ngondo the first President of APC which was founded on 28th October 2005.

Kindly also allow me to pay glowing tribute to the immediate past President of the APC Party madam Chiozi Ng’uni for her monumental role of leading the party during the most difficult time of the Party.

As the new torch and flag bearer of (APC) I will always endeavour to follow the giant footsteps of our founding President who fervently believed that APC was a different political party that believed in gigantic ideas and ideals and not out-dated ideologies of the past.  

Mr Chairman, am cognisant of the fact that we still have some challenges to overcome as a Political party before the scheduled 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections, but with team work coupled with persistence, resilience and consistence we shall overcome every challenge and win the confidence of the Zambian people, who after the political deceit experienced at the hands of the Patriotic Front feel greatly cheated and are forever looking-out for a crop of new and honest leaders capable of turning around the current downwards trends in the management of the  economy and governance styles of the country.

It is our collective desire and resolve as a political Party to reach-out to honest political parties willing to genuinely consolidate the opposition alliance unity for good causes rather than enhancing any individual selfish ambitions.

We will continue to encourage unity of purpose for the opposition and also we will continue to consult on mutual common issues of national interest with various stakeholders.

Am taking over the party at a time when the nation is torn-apart with numerous political issues begging for political consensus and lacking the necessary maturity by those holding the state leverages in arriving at building political consensus on the hijacked draft constitution.

Am taking over the party at a time when opposition political parties and their leaders continue to suffer constant frustrations and arbitrary arrests and state sponsored violence occasioned by the police and discharged after undergoing a prolonged baseless and malicious trial. By all means shamelessly opposition members are now targeted and used by court adjudicators as objects for gaining and attaining promotional prospects from those wielding instruments of state by meting-out unjustified stiff custodial punishment even where it is absolutely not necessary. This is the hostile environment unfortunately we find ourselves operating-in hence the need for solidarity within the rank and file of the opposition political parties.

Am taking over the party at a time when journalists in the country who are perceived to be independently minded are needlessly and constantly targeted and criminalized unjustifiably and locked up on flimsy grounds.

It is our role as opposition political parties to constantly keep speaking-out against blatant misuse and abuse of power by the state through the police. We believe that democracy can only thrive in an environment where Journalists are allowed to operate freelywithout intimidation.

I sincerely thank all the delegates for their confidence in my ability to provide leadership for the party and indeed for giving me the opportunity to work closely with leaders of other political parties in shaping the destiny and future of our great country.

Thank you

Nason MsoniAPC President