U-turn: Zambia does not need a new constitution – President Sata

President Sata

President Sata

President Michael Sata has said there is no need for the country to have a new constitution contrary to his promise in the run-upto 2011 General elections that he would deliver a new constitution within 90 days once ushered into government.

Speaking in Mansa, Luapula province today, November 30, 2013 where he went to thank the people of that constituency for voting for his party-PF candidate in last week’s by-elections, President Sata said what is needed is just to make amendments to the current constitution. He said there was no need to over-hole the constitution.

President Sata after assuming power appointed a Constitution Technical Committee to look into the submissions made by citizens in all the Constitution Commission and then come-up with a draft constitution which would then be enacted to a new Constitution.

This process has been going on for over a year now and the team has come up with a draft document which is supposed to be presented to President Sata and the general public before it is enacted to a new constitution by Parliament or Referendum.

This process has gobbled millions of dollars and one wonders which way now for the new constitution which citizens have been ‘crying’ for in the last 20 years of the previous administration of MMD party.

This is not the only promise President Sata has u-turned on, he has also changed on his promise to issue National coverage license to private media.

On October 28, 2013 President Sata told off his Permanent Secretary then at Information and Broadcasting Service Emmanuel Mwamba for issuing national coverage broadcasting licenses to two private Radio stations.

You come, you Mr Emmanuel Mwamba, you give coverage to all of them so that Mr HH can now go and stand on Radio Phoenix. Mr Mwamba is there smiling. Have you seen? We are sitting here, the people who are killing our own people, there are there. The young people you bring. Can you tell me the justification,” President Sata told Mwamba. “The reason why the previous administration only helped ZNBC was to protect the integrity of this nation. You know it very well, since you have been Permanent Secretary, the opposition go and sit on Radio Phoenix and you know it very well that a person outside Zambia has bought shares in Radio Phoenix and there you are.”