Tribunal Decision a Double-Edged Sword – Changala

Human rights activist Brebner Changala has described the Supreme Court judgement on the setting up of a tribunal to investigate three judges as a sham of an event that would not last in the books of law.

Changala said in Lusaka that it was clear from the onset that the judgement, which was delivered by acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda was meant to protect friends of President Michael Sata and not to serve the people of Zambia, especially the majority poor.

“How does a judge get penalized while performing his judicial duties? This is now a task for our law fraternity and the concerned citizens to defend the judiciary and the young democracy. This judgement will definitely not stand in our law books for a very long time because it was a sham and not worthy the bench on which it was delivered,” he said.

Changala said judge Chibesakunda’s judgement was done to instill fear in the judiciary by the executive and the friends of President Sata.